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Over the period of time with lots of efforts of our team, A.I.M.S. is quite stable in market. Now we want to go ahead with major exposure and better reach for A.I.M.S.. So we are looking for people to associate with us. The sole purpose is to get the huge task force we need for our organization. After 10 Yrs of successful installations and implementations of AIMS Business Process Management Solutions. Now we are presenting our invention at larger section of the society specially the colleges where the future talent is nurtured. So we would like to conduct AIMS Seminar cum Recruitment Drive for all the students of computer science & information technology. As part of our expansion plans currently we are looking for team of 1000 technical and non technical people to be inducted in our organization. Reason is our Business Goals. As per that we are planning to have almost 200 offices all across India with each having 4 technical staff to handle the respected regional clients.

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Software Development- AIMS

AIMS helps Programmers to develop critical business process softwares with ease and at most accuracy. AIMS is unique due to its independent design with respect to Databases which it uses and the programming languages which it supports. Application Development in AIMS is as simple as using Paint Brush. It is an art of making screens and linking module. AIMS becomes important as it is the only technology in todays world which can support and succeed in achieving what software developer dreamt of. That is RTSE With AIMS can empower students to call themselves Software Developer and not just programmer of certain programming language, AIMS is independent of the programming languages and platforms which it can work. Developing applications and implementing it on various hardware and operating systems is a challenging affair.

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Supply Chain Management

Introducing the way Supply can be Managed accross various Suppliers and Providing a Proper Margins to customers on a Real time basis avoiding duplication, wastage and hoarding. This helps in reducing warerhousing cost and timely delivery of Spares during the manufacturing or service process in corresponding time slot. Placing Production on the highest priority and deliverance to services to the business houses for accurate productivity and timely.

Bill of Materials (BOM) is considered and integrated on a realtime basis with advanced software (Centralised and Decentralised) to provide and Intelligent system for an Never Ending Supply chain System. Allowing a foot hold for the business houses for a very good and effective profit and margins of hording and other expenses to be liveraged.

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